AuthorVarsha Venkatesh

Why Snapchat could be the best social media platform for you!


The world is constantly moving in high speed and everyone’s working with quick communication. Quick, not perfect. Snapchat was built on this quick factor which is refreshing in the face of all that perfection in the social media world. When there are 173 million daily active users, there has to be some magic there, isn’t it? Here a few reasons why Snapchat could be the right social media...

Build brand awareness with these 2 Snapchat marketing tactics


Where the Millennials at? Snapchat! So, where should you be? SNAPCHAT. With 300 million users, Snapchat has become too prominent to ignore. More than 55% of Snapchat users follow a brand. Snapchat has a highly engaged audience that stems from the short and temporary nature of its content. It doesn’t require a perfect angle, lighting, or all those other perfect parameters of a picture. That makes...

Snapchat for Businesses : 3 Awesome Ways to Engage Your Audience on Snapchat


When you write a blog or make a post, you can’t really tell when the readers will read it. You can’t tell if they read it yesterday or will read it tomorrow or a week from now. The beauty of now is lost. One of the main reasons Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in daily users is because of it’s ability to bring out the beauty of now. Snapchat is not just a tool that a bunch of kids use to send...