How to use Snapchat for promoting your next event?


Snapchat fits the bill perfectly in this day and age, where being privy to what’s happening makes the user feel that much more special. You could even say Snapchat is a cut above the others at that. This is attributed to the medium of content the platform uses – personal, unique, and snackable. In that moment, only YOU have taken that picture of the food you’re eating, the concert you’re...

Snapchat now has audience-based targeting for filters


Why do we create content? Why do we go through this whole turmoil of what kind of content works for your brand and what doesn’t? Finally, for whom are we even doing this? You get three guesses. Yes, for the audience. We wouldn’t be able to exist without them! And Snapchat knows that too well. They decided to create something in the advertisers’ favour. Snapchat introduced Audience Filters using...

Ten Snapchat Geofilters Ideas For Your Wedding


  We take pictures to remind yourselves how perfect a moment was. Wedding are one of those days, where you wanna capture every moment. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a custom Geofilter outlaying your perfect wedding selfies with family and friends? Creating your own Geofilter is actually quite simple, we do most of the work for you. You just have to pick a template and customize your...