All NEW summer themed Snapchat Filters

Making a splash this summer by having a pool party with your squad? Make sure you have all the essentials in place.

Arrangements to be made for a Summer Party

  • Food and cutlery
  • Drinks and glasses
  • Decor and seating
  • Music
  • Barbeque
  • Pool Toys (if you are having a pool party)
  • Party activities and photos

While we’re sure you will plan well for all the above items, there is one where we can lend you a helping hand – Photos. Any party is an occasion to click a ton of photos and a summer party is no less. So we’ve created some special Snapchat summer filters for you to add to your snaps and tell everybody about your party. Below are a couple of filters that you can get for your summer party. In case you would like to view more designs, please click on the button below the images.

Snapchat summer party filters

Happy Summer Partying!!!

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