Snapchat Geofilter Metrics 101

We’ve already talked about how important the design of your Snapchat Geofilter is for the success of your Geofilter campaign. But something that’s equally important is knowing how well your campaign performed so that you can make improvements and achieve your desired results the next time around. Therefore, whenever you purchase a Geofilter, we provide you with 3 important metrics:

  1. Swipes
  2. Uses



This is the number of times your filter was viewed when users swiped over their Snaps. Since your filter is available only to people who are within the area you selected and paid for, this metric indicates the number of Paid Impressions you achieved.

How is this metric useful?

A high value of paid impressions indicates that you did a great job in choosing the right location, time and duration for running your campaign.

A low value of paid impressions could indicate one of the following:

  1. Not many people visited your business location and more importantly your Geofilter’s location
  2. Not many people used Snapchat while at your Geofilter’s location
  3. People who visited your business location were not Snapchat users

If point 1 above is the case then you would need to plan your campaign dates and times such that your campaign runs when the footfall at your business location is expected to be high – weekends, holidays, special occasions. In case the size of your business location is really large (like a shopping mall or a casino) we recommend that you mark your geofence over the area that is likely to have the maximum concentration of people. Also ensure that the Geofilter is large enough and is accurately placed over your business location.

If point 2 above is the case then your job would be to induce your customers to use Snapchat and your Geofilter while they are at your location. You can do this by publicizing your filter to your customers. We’ve discussed this in greater detail in the promotion section of our previous blog post.

If point 3 above is the case then Snapchat might not be the right place for you to target your potential customers. You could consider promoting your business using other online channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google.


This is the number of times your Geofilter was used in a snap or a story.

How is this metric useful?

A high value indicates that you did a great job in creating your Geofilter’s design. People loved your Geofilter and as a result found it worthy of being added to their snaps and sharing it with their friends.

A low value could mean that people did not like your filter or didn’t find it cool enough to add to their snap. If this is the case then you would need to work on getting a better design that looks great and appeals to your customers.

Note that this metric is more useful when viewed in conjunction with Swipes (Paid Impressions). So you should also look at the share rate which is calculated as Uses/Swipes. Here are four scenarios to consider:


Uses Share Rate

What it means for you?


Low Low You need to work on your Geofilter’s design


High Low You are doing ok but you could do even better by working on your Geofilter’s design


Low High You need to work on bettering your design as well as increasing your Swipes(Paid Impressions)


High High You’re doing great!!


This is the number of times your filter was viewed in a snap or a story. This is also the number of Earned Impressions you received.

A high value indicates that your customer’s snaps or stories were viewed by a lot of people.

A low value could mean that the customers did not share their snaps with a lot of people or that they do not have too many friends on Snapchat.

How is this metric useful?

While this metric is not directly within your control, there are a couple of things that you could do to increase the views:

  1. Urge your customers to add the filter to their stories instead of their snaps. This is because stories are available for a lot more people to view compared to snaps which are sent only to select persons.
  2. Invite local snapchat influencers to your special events. If they add your filter to their snaps, it is likely to be seen by a large number of people.


Final Word

Understand that the process of promoting on Snapchat is no different from promoting on other Social Media channels. It is an iterative process which involves running a campaign, assessing its performance and then taking action to do better the next time around. So it is very important that you analyse the metrics of your initial Snapchat Geofilter campaigns and use the insights to create more successful campaigns in the future.

Good luck!

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