Get the most out of your Snapchat Geofilter campaign

To get the most out of your campaigns there are three important factors that you should focus on. The holy trinity of Snapchat filters, as they call it, are – Design, Timing and Promotion.

Let me break them down for you one by one.

Design: This is the most important aspect of your Snapchat Geofilter campaign. Why? Because people who use Snapchat are Millenials and to appeal to them your design needs to be cool and share worthy. If your design is not cool or share worthy, these users will not feature it in their snaps and share it with their friends. This means that your Snapchat Geofilter’s design could make or break your campaign’s success.

So what are some great ways to make your designs cool?

  1. Humour

People love sharing stuff that is funny. For example, if you own a salad bar, you can create a filter which has images of various salads and dressings along with a line that reads “Our salads are better dressed than Lady Gaga”. That’s a cheeky one isn’t it?

  1. Puns or one liners

Using the same salad bar example, you could create a filter showing lettuce leaves with a line that reads “Lettuce Celebrate” which is a pun for “Let us celebrate” or have graphics of fruits like pears and melons with taglines like “We make a great Pear” and “You are one in a melon” respectively. Stuff like this is sure to be shared especially between besties or couples.

  1. Anything Topical

Remember how McDonalds inverted the golden arches to form a W on Women’s day? Everyone was talking about it. A simple idea that is relevant and topical can have a huge impact. The same goes for Google Doodles that are so hugely popular for being the perfect mixture of ‘relevant’ and ‘innovative’. Topical advertising in your geofilters can help you go viral and get you a lot of publicity if done right.

If you’re thinking that all these ideas are great but hard to execute, you need not worry. You can place an order for a custom filter with us and tell us your idea. We’ll take care of the implementation. 😀

Timing: Timing your geofilter campaign is crucial since will dictate the number of people to whom your filter is visible. How? Let’s say you own a pub and you are having a special event which is expected to double the footfall at your Pub. Since the footfall is doubled, the number of people being exposed to your filter would also double thereby greatly increasing the number of views and shares your filter receives. So it is always a good idea to plan your geofilter campaigns around special events or weekends when customer footfall is expected to be high. Ofcourse, if you do not have any budget constraints then you should consider going in for a monthly or a yearly snapchat filter since you are likely to reach a lot more people at a higher initial cost but at a lower ‘cost per person reached’ in the long run.  

Promotion: Wouldn’t it be such a shame if you put so much effort and money into your snapchat geofilter but people didn’t know it existed? Considering the large number of default and community filters already on Snapchat, your filter may appear right at the end where only a few people would swipe to reach. Some might just swipe a few times and assume that you don’t have a Snapchat Geofilter in case they don’t find it. To avoid these situations it is best to TELL your customers about your Snapchat Geofilter. Some great ways to do this are:

  1. Posters on the walls telling your customers about your snapchat filter.
  2. A small mention of your filter at the end of the menu card
  3. Restroom signages
  4. Printed tissues
  5. A line mentioning your filter on the bottom or reverse side of bills

That’s it. All you need to do now is put these tips to use while creating you next Geofilter campaign and you can rest assured that you will achieve better results.

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So waste no more time. Use the above ideas to your advantage and avail the special discount for your next Snapchat Geofilter campaign. I’m sure it will be a massive success.

Happy Snaping!

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