How To Get A Geofilter For Your Business?

100 Million active users each day, 3 Billion snaps daily, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks. With this being said, Snapchat is becoming a vital part of global marketing strategies. Companies all over the world are investing in advertising on Snapchat.

Let’s first understand how Snapchat can benefit your business.

60% of the Snapchat users create new filters every day. When you purchase a Geofilter, Snapchat users in the vicinity are able to access, your branded filter. When they do, they expose your filter to thousand other users. You pay once, but people do the networking for you. Sounds effective right?

What do we do?

SwipeStudio understands that it not only takes money but also a professionally designed Geofilter to reach out to your customers effectively. Therefore, we help create a professionally designed filter for as low as 49$ for 20,000 Sq. Ft along with a dedicated account manager. However, the prices can go up depending on your location, size of the venue and time.

Advertising is an ongoing process. It is rightly said that consistency is key. Keeping this is mind, we came up with a few weekly, monthly and yearly packages. 

Before we get into the packages, let us fully understand what Detailed Usage Analytics mean:

A detailed analytics is a statistical representation of the effect your filter was able to cause. The following aspects are analyzed:-

  • Swipes: The number of times, users swiped right to your filter
  • Uses: The number of times users used your filter
  • Reach: The number of people that were exposed to your filter
  • View: The number of people that viewed your filter.

Geofilter business packages

Long Run Packages:

Weekly:  Starting at 99$, this package includes a live Geofilter for 7 days, a detailed usage analysis and a dedicated account manager. You are billed weekly, so you have the option of changing your designs every week,

Monthly: Starting at 209$, this package is ideal for those who wanna reach out a large audience. The package includes a live Geofilter for 30 days, a detailed analysis and the option to change up your design every month.

Yearly: If you want to maintain a consistent ad campaign for an extended period of time, but change up the design of your filter often to keep your customers interested, this package is perfect for you. Starting at 999$, this package includes a live Geofilter for a year, a detailed usage analysis and an account manager.

Short Run Packages:

Recurring: This package is ideal for those who would like to have the same Geofilter once a week, The package starts at $129 and it comes with a detailed usage analysis.

One-Time: Events are a great place to market your brand. You can target a large relevant audience. Our one-time package start at $49.

Please note, Prices mentioned are for venues of size 20,000 SqFt. Prices may vary with larger venues.

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