Why Snapchat could be the best social media platform for you!

The world is constantly moving in high speed and everyone’s working with quick communication. Quick, not perfect. Snapchat was built on this quick factor which is refreshing in the face of all that perfection in the social media world. When there are 173 million daily active users, there has to be some magic there, isn’t it? Here a few reasons why Snapchat could be the right social media platform for you!

Gone in 10 seconds!

Facebook and Twitter are largely text-based platforms while Instagram revolves around sharing beautifully constructed images. Snapchat is the social media platform that has been about ephemeral content since its inception. You can send snaps that vanish in 10 seconds or add something to your story that vanishes after 24 hours. It has the winning element of being in-the-moment. This gives you the opportunity to be as quirky and unconventional as you want to be. If you think a rainbow of fries or a shower of juice as a filter is outrageously awesome, you can make it part of your brand image. Snapchat’s lenses, filters, and ads are a great place for you to catch the attention of your audience. This format of content is taking the lead in storytelling. Now Facebook and Instagram are mirroring the 24 hour format but what puts Snapchat in the “must” category of social media platforms is its huge millennial following. If your buyers are largely young people, Snapchat could be your key to success.   


Snapchat has designs that overlay a snap depending on the location of the user called geofilters. The concept of a location based filter itself is so off the beaten track that the campaigns you can conduct using this will quite literally lure your audience to where you are. Young people love telling their friends where they are and what they are doing in the most creative and easiest way possible. Snapchat’s geofilters does both of those while adding the element of exclusivity. It’s not just about tagging the location anymore as we would do on Facebook. It’s about showing where you are, not saying it. These geofilters make it possible for you as a business to interact with the user and her friends in one shot. Create one for your business now!


These are 10 second video ads through which you can advertise your business by linking it to more information about what you are selling. You can link it to an app, a longer video, an article, or even your website. Snapchatters can access all this without leaving the app by just swiping up to know more. These appear between friends’ Stories, Live Stories, or Discover making them perfect places to nuzzle your product into because Millennials spend a lot of time browsing through stories and Discover. Try it out!

Snapchat is a key player especially if you are a brand that is selling to young people. It’s no longer just a trend that’s going to fizzle out. It’s here to stay. Snapchat is a social media platform that will give you a huge boost in bringing about brand awareness. So, how are you going to keep up with the Snapchat world?

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