Snapchat for Businesses : 3 Awesome Ways to Engage Your Audience on Snapchat

When you write a blog or make a post, you can’t really tell when the readers will read it. You can’t tell if they read it yesterday or will read it tomorrow or a week from now. The beauty of now is lost. One of the main reasons Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in daily users is because of it’s ability to bring out the beauty of now. Snapchat is not just a tool that a bunch of kids use to send pictures to each other. It’s where you tell your business’ story. Major brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, GE, Coca-cola are using Snapchat to connect with their fans. If you’re wondering how to use Snapchat for businesses, here are a few tactics to help you know how –

  1. Be Snapgenic
    Do you have something new to sell? Are you launching a new clothing line, a product, or a new dish into your menu? Is someone new joining your business? Snapchat about it. It brings a new perspective to your brand and establishes a very personal dialogue with your customers. You can do an artist takeover when you’re launching something new which is when the artist temporarily shares content through your brand’s Snapchat handle. You reach new audiences. The influential nature of such artists increases the brand awareness. Check out how McDonald’s partnered with celebrities to promote their product. Another way to tell the story of your business is by doing a Behind-The-Scenes.
    Snapchat hasn’t just created a new communication channel, but built a new world on impermanence. This makes the content that’s shared through this channel raw, personal, and different. The ghost can be a window into your brand’s life. It makes your customers feel like they’re part of the journey with you. And that makes you snapchatable. And that’s why chances are that they’ll buy what you’re selling.
  2. Be Snapportunistic
    From today, everything around you can be on your Snapchat- your workstation, the pigeon on the sidewalk, the book you’re reading. You can promote events like live music concerts, opening of your boutique, the chef at your restaurant whipping up an interesting meal, the bartender’s concoctions, and even your team setting up for an event. The ephemeral nature of Snapchat makes it a perfect place to just be yourself. It’s real time and it’s gone in a few seconds or at least in a day.
  3. Be Snapworthy
    When you say free, they’ll say whee!
    Another way to use Snapchat for businesses is as a part of giveaway contests. Push incentives – release Snapchat exclusive coupons for your followers. This is a great way to fuel engagement for your brand. People will be more inclined to use your filter or send you a snap when there are free things up for grabs. See how Starbucks’ Frappuccino Happy Hour campaign uses Snapchat.

How can you implement these strategies?
You can use Snapchat for businesses in a lot of ways. Snapchat Ads to create a 10 second video about what you’re selling. Users can swipe up and engage more with your brand without leaving Snapchat. When users swipe up they can check out your website without having to open a browser, a long-form video, or articles about your business. SnapAds can really help boost brand awareness. You can also use Snapchat geofilters to creatively engage with your fans. These are location based filters that is unique to your brand. It overlays the image your customer clicks and shares on Snapchat. In one shot, you’ve interacted with your fans and their friends in a fun and contextually relevant way.

Using Snapchat for businesses gives you a platform where you can be both personal and creative. It’s an opportunity for creating brand awareness. The success of a marketing campaign starts at knowing your audience. If you are selling to young customers, Snapchat can be a new and effective way to connect with them. You have just few seconds to create a connection and leave an impression. To be memorable on Snapchat, creativity has to meet brevity.

Social media marketing is no longer as conventional as post something and wait for people to like and share it. Platforms like Snapchat are making the you in business the premise of what you’re selling. If Millennials are your buyers, create a Snapchat handle. Post authentic content that tells your business’ story.

What do you think? What is your business’ Snapchat story?


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