Why Snapchat marketing trumps Facebook and Instagram

When it comes to Marketing Effectiveness and Return On Investment (ROI), very few options come close to Snapchat filters. It’s no surprise then that advertisers – both big and small are focusing the marketing efforts on Snapchat. Read on to find out why!


Consider the case of Sponsored Ads on Social Media. It is estimated that the average social media user is exposed to over 100 ad impressions per day. But how many ads does one actually recall? How many do YOU recall? One? Maybe 3? Or if your memory is really good, you’d recall 5 ads at max. The bottomline – Ads on social media find it very hard to penetrate the human mind and actually grab memory space. We have, over time, developed the ability to subconsciously ignore ad content and skim right past them. This is because ad content is not content we care about. It has been forced into our lives by advertisers whether we like it or not.

Things are different on Snapchat however. Snapchat helps advertisers overcome this problem of attention deficit by helping advertisers appear on content that their customers care about – the photos, videos and stories of their friends and loved ones.

What does this mean to you as an advertiser? It means that you no longer needs to spend time, money and effort in creating an outstanding ad for Facebook or Instagram that breaks the internet. All you need to do shift your focus to Snapchat and get your brand featured in the Snapchat photos of your customers. No, not in the background somewhere but right in the middle of their photos with the brand highlighted.

What’s even better is that your customers will happily add your brand to tell their friends about the food they are eating, the drinks they are enjoying or the fun they’re having at your location.  

The result – highly effective marketing of your products and services that your customers will recall!


Spending an amount as low as $20 on Snapchat Filters can get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers. Here are the results that some of our customers achieved by running a Snapchat filter campaign.

  1. Elevation Burger 

Elevation Burgers Snapchat Filter Case Study2. Miss Guinea USA 2018

Miss Guinea Snapchat Filter Case Study

3. JBSA Marketing

JBSA Marketing Snapchat Filter Case Study

If the same campaigns were run on Facebook or Instagram they would have cost a lot more. The table below compares the projected cost on Facebook (to reach the same number of people) to the actual cost on Snapchat. As you can see Facebook and Instagram advertising is much more expensive and worse still the viewers of the ad might not even recollect your ad or your brand a few minutes after seeing it.

Campaign/Company Projected Facebook Advertising Cost * Actual Snapchat Marketing Cost
Elevation Burgers $1910 $130
Miss guinea USA 2018 $1820 $44
JBSA Marketing $560 $15

* Calculations are based on average CPM for Facebook advertising according to Wordstream

So if you own a local business and are looking to promote your business in a cost effective way it might be time to turn to Snapchat Geofilters. You can place an order for a custom design or create your own and launch it on Snapchat starting at $19.99 for a one time event or upgrade to a monthly or annual package. To know more about how you can promote your business on Snapchat visit our business page.

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